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2-in-1 Door Guard – Inswing / Single Door

  • Door Guard with Secondary Buckle Lock
  • Elegant and Child-Safe Security Device
  • Durable Quality & Easy Installation

2-in-1 Door Guard – Outswing / Single Door

  • Intuitive of Door Key Symbol and Sleek Design
  • Suitable for Outward Opening Door
  • Child-Safe Security Device

Outswing door guard

  • Keeping safe ventilation and extra protection when the door opened.
  • Door guard function-to ensure that children stay inside and prevent thieves from entering.
  • Cannot be cracked and unlocked from the outside.

Portable Door Lock

  • For travel, business trips or short term rentals, bring it with you for extra privacy, safety and security.
  • No installation required and without other tools, suitable for a variety of door types.
  • Keep travel lock in your bags and always stay safe and comfortable on the go.
  • The operation is simple and effortless, and even children can easily lock it.
  • Solid stainless steel SUS304 prevents the locking function from failing due to strong impact.


  • ドアを開ける際、安全な通風と多重保護を提供
  • お子様が誤って外に出たり、泥棒が侵入する危険を防止
  • 特許ドアノブ設計で、外部からのアンロックを完全ブロック

푸시풀 도어락

  • 도어가 열렸을 때 안전한 환기 상태 및 다중 보호 보장
  • 자녀가 실수로 문을 열고 나가거나 외부에서 도둑이침입하는 것을 방지
  • 외부에서 문을 열 수 없는 특허 출원 손잡이 설계