The materials for Y elements can be metals & glass & wood and plastic,
and can infinitely be moulded into any shapes and forms.

Y element block series
Unleash your
creativity and imagination

Y Element Series is made of high light transmission materials. With it’s bright and fresh colors, it’s ideal to match lighting with your décor.

Transparent Y-shape Design

With it’s bright and fresh colors, Y Element is ideal to match lighting with your décor.


Multiple Application

A decor ring/ball, tablet holders, display stand, cable organizer, desk décor, lamp case and etc..


Unlimited Creativity

Y Element blocks could be created into various of 3D models and design as you want.


Endless Combinations

Easy to extend the combinations with expandable blocks and pins with your patience and creativity.

Greatim Y element project

GREATIM Y Element Building Block Set.

Unleash your creativity and imagination.

Make various sizes and shapes for personal use or home decoration



Commercial application
Installation art

Y Project No.01

Formosan Clouded Leopard to 2021

As the very first piece of Light Carrier--Y Project artwork, Y Project No. 01 was inspired by and formed as the endangered Formosan Clouded Leopard that was
meticulously calculated and generated via computational design, and completed with a perfect blend of illumination. This striding Light Clouded Leopard that marches towards the future is vividly displayed in Taipei Music Center plaza, parading a fearless manner and shuttling among the mountain-like center behind, towards 2021.
Y Project No.02

Tree of Music and Lights

Another endangered living symbol--Taiwania--is taken to Y Project No. 02 as the second piece of Light Carrier--Y Project’s artwork. Formed with extra care via computational design and exhibited along with music and laser light display. Tree of Music and Lights dreamily sways and dances in the plaza, presenting a wonderful piece of art credited to the combination of technology and design, and spreads the world a pleasant Phytoncide to the eyes and ears.
Y Element is perfect for you, for interior designers and installation artists.


With it’s bright and fresh colors, Y Elememt is ideal to match lighting with your décor.

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