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Home is a place that gives us shelter and the only space where we can completely relax. Every detail, from door locks to door guards and bolts, plays a part in contributing to home safety, the primary necessary requirement.

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2-in-1 Door Guard – Inswing / Single Door

  • Door Guard with Secondary Buckle Lock
  • Elegant and Child-Safe Security Device
  • Durable Quality & Easy Installation

2-in-1 Door Guard – Outswing / Single Door

  • Intuitive of Door Key Symbol and Sleek Design
  • Suitable for Outward Opening Door
  • Child-Safe Security Device

Door/Window Security Bar

  • Childproof/pet proof Anti-Lift Lock
  • Quick and trouble-free installation.
  • For most patio doors and gliding windows.

Outswing door guard

  • Keeping safe ventilation and extra protection when the door opened.
  • Door guard function-to ensure that children stay inside and prevent thieves from entering.
  • Cannot be cracked and unlocked from the outside.

Portable Door Lock

  • For travel, business trips or short term rentals, bring it with you for extra privacy, safety and security.
  • No installation required and without other tools, suitable for a variety of door types.
  • Keep travel lock in your bags and always stay safe and comfortable on the go.
  • The operation is simple and effortless, and even children can easily lock it.
  • Solid stainless steel SUS304 prevents the locking function from failing due to strong impact.

Security Bar-Agile

【Patented Detachable Y Cap】: It's constructed for both hinged door stopper and sliding door lock by easily placing and restoring detachable Y cap. 【Excellent for Carpeted Floor】: Spherical Rubber Bottom is Designed to withstand over 600 N which braces on carpeted floor inseparable. 【Aesthetic and Functional】: Three color options (Dark Grey, Silver, Brown) to fit your home decoration. The tube length is from 26.4 in. (67cm) to 44.09 in. (112cm), and it's compatible with most standard doors and sliding patio doors. 【Kids and Seniors Friendly】: Made with T5 Aluminum for strength and light, it's easy for kids and seniors to use. Adjust the bar length using the release buttons, prop under door knob or patio sliding door. 【Adjustable and Portable】: Adjustable tube is restored in compact size. It's ideal portable security device for travelers.

Security Bar-Unlimited

Live alone and need more sense of safety? Greatim's new Security Bar fits most hinged door. It's extension lock and pivoting ball joint make it easy to adjust the lentgh and position of the bar. Unscrew the extension lock and adjust the 360o rotating ball joint to the right length and angle that fits your door. Props it under your door knob. The base grips the floor firmly and it stops invasion from the outside. It is a simple but effective way to protect yourself.

Window Security Bar (10.6~16.625″)

  • Childproof/pet proof Anti-Lift Lock
  • Can be installed with tape or screws
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical sliding window

Window Security Bar (15.7~26.75″)

  • Childproof/pet proof Anti-Lift Lock
  • Can be installed with tape or screws
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical sliding window


  • ドアを開ける際、安全な通風と多重保護を提供
  • お子様が誤って外に出たり、泥棒が侵入する危険を防止
  • 特許ドアノブ設計で、外部からのアンロックを完全ブロック

푸시풀 도어락

  • 도어가 열렸을 때 안전한 환기 상태 및 다중 보호 보장
  • 자녀가 실수로 문을 열고 나가거나 외부에서 도둑이침입하는 것을 방지
  • 외부에서 문을 열 수 없는 특허 출원 손잡이 설계